11 Amazing Hipster Barbie Adventure Photos


Do you spend most of your time being jealous of those Instagram posts with delicious-looking meals, breathtaking views, minimalist wardrobe, beautiful hair, perfect skin and eyebrows on fleek?

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Social media bitterness and jealousy is real and it feels like everyone’s accounts with pretty pictures and polished themes are precisely made to make you feel bad about your non-artsy and normal life.

Luckily, somebody made a mockery account just to spread awareness on how outrageous the internet is.


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Socality Barbie’s Instagram was made to remind you that everybody will look great with layers and layers of filter and that Instagram isn’t a true illustration of a person’s real life at all.


barbie 5

She said, “People were all taking the same pictures in the same places and using the same captions. I couldn’t tell any of their pictures apart so I thought, ‘What better way to make my point than with a mass-produced doll?’”


barbie 7

So while you’re lying on your bed with the curtains closed and Netflix running, Socality Barbie is spending her day relaxing outdoors in a hammock in the “most absurd places”.


barbie 8

While you’re just waking up and looking like a cavewoman, Hipster Barbie is not ashamed of her au-naturel look with perfectly tousled hair and flawless skin.


barbie 9

Socality Barbie goes to different places, beautiful places every time you check her feed. She’s got all the perfect edgy angles with the perfect photo filters and all that.


barbie 6

Hipster Barbie has more than 53,000 followers and counting. “I think it’s because she’s so relatable. Either your Instagram photos looks just like hers or you know at least one person who does.”


barbie 10

Hipster Barbie’s stylishly messy wardrobe is frequently handmade, like her popular hipster backpack which was made with an iron-on patch and leather, her beanie was made from a glove finger.


barbie 11

“I get it, it’s pretty to look at. But it’s so dishonest. Nobody actually lives like this. And it’s so overdone that it’s becoming boring.” The creator of the account said in an interview.


barbie 2

She’s basically the real “Tumblr Goals” “Hair Goals” “Makeup Goals” “Travel Goals” “Feed Goals” “Style Goals” “Aesthetic Goals” and everything that gives an “I’m cooler than you” vibe. You know, if she was a real-life person, many people would really hate her for being perfect.


barbie 3

Have you seen her bio? She’s an “adventurer” who’s a “coffee drinker” celebrating “socality” and dedicates her life to “authentic living” – basically giving the vibe that she’s so much better than you.


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The woman behind Hipster Barbie is a wedding photographer from Oregon, who wants to remain anonymous to preserve Socality Barbie’s realness. She created the account a couple of months ago to make fun at all the people who hashtag their photos with #socality and #livingauthentic.