15 Amazing Manicures To Try This Season


Have you ever looked at your nails and thought, “How plain and boring are these?” It’s hard having fun-looking nails when you’re at work because who would take you seriously with sequins and laces and cartoon characters printed on your nails?

Lucky for you, we have scouted 15 pretty, minimal manicure designs that is suitable for your work place, for women who are just trying out nail art and for those who believes nail art is a great alternative for your plain and boring nail polish. Lets begin our list of 15 amazing and simple manicures to try this season, starting with #15.

#15. Hint of gold

nail art 3

Photo Source: blognailedit.co

Add a little bit of glamour into your nails with hints of gold. It could be a single stripe of gold or silver, depending on how you like it. You can also choose a different dark base color instead of the usual black, maybe navy or dark green.

#14. Marbles

nail art 4

Photo Source: beautyblitz.com

You don’t even have to do this to all your nails. You can choose to do only two using a white base polish and silver polish. In a bowl of water, add a drop of silver glittery polish then swirl the polish that’s in the water with a toothpick to create a marble-like effect. With Vaseline or any type of lotion coating the sides of your nails, soak your finger into the marble then remove the excess polish with the tooth pick. Let it dry then add a clear coat.

#13. Subtle animal print

nail art 6

Photo Source: lydiasnails.com

On a matte color based nail, create animal print using the same color of your base but this time, make sure to use regular nail polish for a subtle effect.

#12. Half triangle

nail art 7

Photo Source: inlovewithlife.de

Create a half triangle at the tip of your nails using metallic nail polish. Use a few strips of tape and two complimentary colors.

#11. Texture

nail art 8

Photo Source: ooohshinies.com

This is one easy way of using a matte nail polish and a regular nail polish. Look how chic the nails look.

#10. Ombre French

nail art 9

Photo Source: chalkboardnails.com

Update your boring French manicure by doing a soft, ombre tip.

#9. Lines

nail art 11

Photo Source: pshiiit.com

It’s really easy and a great way to add chicness into your look.

#8. Vertical strip

nail art 13

Photo Source: littleplastichorses.com

Who gets bored with monochrome nails? They’re polished and elegant and gives just the right amount of style.

#7. Pop of color

nail art 1

Photo Source: lackfein.blogspot.com

Brighten up your monochromatic nails with a simple pop of neon on the tips.

#6. Gradient

nail art 5

Photo Source: lifestylemirror.com

Add a gradient metallic nail effect by coating your nails with the first metallic polish that you like then with the second metallic polish, apply a thin stripe into a foam or sponge. Gently dab the foam halfway on your nails then continue to build up the color until you think its okay.

#5. Gray with cute triangles

nail art 10

Photo Source: lovefrom-lisa.blogspot.com

Gray is the perfect light and sophisticated color. To create the cute little triangles into your nail, you’re going to need a Sharpie or a nail art pen and a black polish. Add a clear coat to set it.

#4. Half-moon

nail art 2

Photo Source: huffingtonpost.com

A simple half-moon on your nails with pastels while keeping the rest of your nail bare or nude.

#3. Fancy neutrals

nail art 12

Photo Source: ladyfancynails.tumblr.com

This will definitely look great on your nails for the office. It pretty classy and chic in one.

#2. Shades of gray

nail art 14

Photo Source: smartandsarcasticwithdashesofsanity.blogspot.com

Maybe your manicure skills aren’t up to par, this is a great way of adding oomph to your nails.

#1. Matte nude

nail art 15

Photo Source: cilucia.blogpost.com



This is simple art. Not boring or plain but matte nude certainly has an edge to it.