15 Stunningly Beautiful Celebrity Daughters


Growing up with celebrity parents is not easy. You are surrounded by paparazzi most of the time and people often compare you to your folks. Basically, you become an instant celebrity too and just like all celebrities, you are judged for the way you look. Lucky for these 15 ladies, they have their parents’ gorgeous genes so there is no need for them to shun cameras. Here are 15 of stunning celebrity daughters who caught our eyes. Lets begin the countdown starting with #15.

#15. Liv Tyler – Daughter of Steven Tyler

Photo source: http://glamour.com

Photo source: http://glamour.com

Liv is the daughter of Rock N’ Roll Hall of Famer Steven Tyler and singer/Playboy Playmate Bebe Buell. She caught everyone’s attention when she appeared in Aerosmith’s “Crazy” music video with Alicia Silverstone. She went on to star in hits such as The Incredible Hulk and The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.

#14. Kate Hudson – Daughter of Goldie Hawn

12 Kate Hudson 2

Photo source: http://zimbio.com

Kate is the daughter of actress Goldie Hawn and musician Bill Hudson. She is known for being a talented actress and for her bubbly personality. Just like her Almost Famous character, Kate also shacked up with two of rock n’ roll’s front men, Chris Robinson of The Black Crowes and Matthew Bellamy of Muse.

#13. Emma Roberts – Daughter of Eric Roberts

Photo source: http://hollywoodreporter.com

Emma comes from a family of pretty people. Her father is the handsome actor Eric Roberts and her aunt is the equally stunning Julia Roberts. The young actress is known for her role in American Horror Story: The Coven and the Nickelodeon series Unfabulous.

#12. Zoe Kravitz – Daughter of Lenny Kravitz

2 Zoe Kravitz 2

Photo source: http://beautyblitz.com

When rock star Lenny Kravitz and actress Lisa Bonet got together, it is a no-brainer that their children are going to be cool and gorgeous. Look at Zoe. She inherited her parents’ good looks as well as their unique style. This rising actress has made it to headlines for her partying during her teen years but as she grew older, she has impressed everyone with her amazing talents. She has appeared in Showtime’s Californication and X-Men: First Class. She also models and belongs to a band Elevator Fight.

#11. Ivanka Trump – Daughter of Donald Trump

10 Ivanka Trump

Photo source: http://broadwayworld.com

Ivanka is known her being the daughter of business magnate Donald Trump. This girl is both beauty and brains. From the runway, she became the Executive Vice President of Development & Acquisitions of The Trump Organization.

#10. Bria Murphy – Daughter of Eddi Murphy

Photo source: http://definitionroyale.wordpress.com

Bria is the eldest of Eddie Murphy’s eight children. Like her mother Nicole, she also pursued a modelling career. In 2010, she became the brand ambassador of Dark and Lovely products.

#9. Kim Kardashian – Daughter of Kris Jenner

3 Kim Kardashian

Photo source: http://pmchollywoodlife.wordpress.com

Who doesn’t know Kim Kardashian? She is the daughter of “lawyer of the stars” Robert Kardashian and television personality Kris Jenner. She became infamous when her sex tape with Ray J broke out but she took all that bad publicity and used it to propel her career. She now stars in her family’s own reality TV series and is married to rapper Kanye West.

#8. Lily Collins – Daughter of Phil Collins

9 Lily Collins

Photo source: http://glamour.com

Lily is the daughter of multi-awarded musician Phil Collins. The young actress has starred in several films and alongside some of the biggest names in Hollywood. She has worked with Sandra Bullock in The Blind Side and Julia Roberts in Mirror Mirror.

#7. Katie Cassidy – Daughter of David Cassidy & Sherry Williams

8 Katie Cassidy

Photo source: http://zimbio.com

Katie is the daughter of ‘70s teen idol David Cassidy and the gorgeous model Sherry Williams. She has starred both in television and films. On TV, we have seen her in the recent reboot of Melrose Place and Gossip Girl. On film, Katie appeared in When a Stranger Calls, Black Christmas and A Nightmare on Elm Street.

#6. Norah Jones – Daughter of Ravi Shankar

15 Norah Jones

Photo source: http://ro-mashka.ru

The talented musician takes up after her father, the late internationally-known Indian sitar player Ravi Shankar. Her mother is also a known concert promoter Lady Sue Jones. Over the last decade, Norah has sold 30 million albums and has performed duets with music icons such as Willie Nelson and Andre 3000.

#5. Mira Sorvino – Daughter of Paul Sorvino

14 Mira Sorvino

Photo source: http://aceshowbiz.com

Mira is the daughter of actor Paul Sorvino better known as Paulie in Goodfellas. Just like her father, Mira is highly respected in her field for being a talented actress. As a matter of fact, she is an Academy Award winner. Without a doubt, Mira deserves a spot on our list.

#4. Briana Evigan – Daughter of Greg Evigan

13 Briana Evigan

Photo source: http://stylebistro.com

The star of Step Up 2: The Streets is not just an actress. She is also a dancer. She has worked in music videos for Flo Rida, T-Pain and Linkin Park before acting in films. Her father Greg Evigan was on the popular sitcom BJ and The Bear.

#3. Elettra Rossellini – Granddaughter of Ingrid Bergman

7 Elettra Rossellini

Photo source: http://celebrityhive.com

Elettra belongs to a family of beautiful women. Her grandmother is none other than the classic Ingrid Bergman and her mother is the alluring Isabella Rossellini. She started her modelling career with an ad campaign with photographer Bruce Weber and has been busy ever since. Elettra is also known for doing considerable charity work.

#2. Sonam Kapoor – Daughter of Anil Kapoor

5 Sonam Kapoor

Photo source: http://neversaynotonew.wordpress.com

This Bollywood actress is the daughter of actor Anil Kapoor. He was the actor who played the show’s host in Slumdog Millionaire and he also portrayed Kamistan President Omar Hassan in 24. In 2009, Sonam got a lot of media attention when she got into some beef with Aishwarya Rai, one of India’s biggest celebrities, during the Cannes Film Festival.

#1. Angelina Jolie – Daughter John Voight

1 Angelina Jolie

Photo source: http://stylesatlife.com



Jon Voight’s daughter deserves the top spot on our list not only because of her good looks but also because of her wonderful personality. Not to mention, she is also married to one of Hollywood’s most gorgeous actor, Brad Pitt. Angelina had her fair share of wild child days but now that she’s all grown up, she has become a talented actress and an advocate for global issues.