15 Worst Celebrity Makeup Fails Of All Time


These celebrities with major makeup faux pas definitely left us two moral stories –

#1 – Be nice to the person who does your makeup or they will sabotage your look.

#2 – Always look in the mirror before stepping out of the house.

Whether intentional or not, these celebrities didn’t know the consequences of leaving the house with a bad makeup look and a bad photo. It will stay online forever.

#15. Angelina Jolie

bad makeup 2-2

Photo Source: nymag.com

Angelina’s gorgeous dress and sleek hair wasn’t able to save her look because of the patches of powder or her face, her smudged eyeliner and simply her two-toned face.

Do you think she fired her makeup artist after this embarrassing photo leaked?

#14. Tyra Banks

bad makeup 15

Photo Source: bossip.com

We all know Tyra banks is a gorgeous, stunning supermodel. She can always sport odd makeup looks except this one – unfiled brows, thick eye shadow, unflattering smudge liner and neon pink lipstick. Many people says she’s a Barbie doll gone wrong.

#13. Uma Thurman

bad makeup 10

Photo Source: nydailynews.com

What is it with women (makeup artists) who can’t blend powders? Is it super hard to see that cast of white sugar-like powder on their faces before heading out? She made a failed attempt at avoiding a shiny look but ended up appearing like this.

#12. Lindsay Lohan

bad makeup 1

Photo Source: thestateofwesome.com

It was during one of her court trial in which we knew that Lindsay was really troubled – she sported one of the worst makeup looks we have ever seen. Dark foundation with, we’re not sure if it’s supposed to be a blush or bronzer, but it’s really dark on her cheeks making it look muddy and made her look like a zombie.

#11. Leighton Meester

bad makeup 6

Photo Source: featherstroke.com

She is basically Queen to us especially during her Gossip Girl years. But in 2009 at a preview party for a clothing brand, Leighton’s makeup looked scary – too much purple eye shadow that was blended weirdly, her bronze eyeliner doesn’t complement the eye shadow, spider lashes and it’s just a big fat mess, really. It’s pretty disappointing but we would like to believe that this was a one-time thing only. That she will never have any makeup faux pas ever again.

#10. Melissa Joan Hart

bad makeup 3

Photo Source: thegloss.com

Melissa must have been in a hurry to make it to the event that she (or her makeup artist) forgot to blend out that white smear across her forehead and some chalky remnants around her nose and eyes.

#9. Jennifer Lopez

bad makeup 4

Photo Source: pinterest.com

Jennifer, even sweating, panting after dancing, always look perfect. ALWAYS. But even the Latina goddess can’t keep away from committing a beauty faux pas. Her badly-blended eye shadow, bad spider lashes, unfilled brows and nude lipstick made her look like a huge mess.

#8. Eva Longoria

bad makeup 5

Photo Source: collegecandy.com

Eva might have used flour and ketchup on her face as alternatives to regular makeup. What was she even thinking?

#7. Drew Barrymore

bad makeup 9

Photo Source: imabeautygeek.com

We love Drew so much for being cute and spirited. Her face is like someone of an angel’s and well, her yellow eye shadow and dark lip color was just a very weird combination.

#6. Taylor Momsen

bad makeup 13

Photo Source: luuux.com

Taylor started acting a very young age but she became super popular during her Gossip Girl roles. She quit the show after five seasons to focus on her rock music career where we always see her with unflattering Corpse Bride makeup.

#5. Nicki Minaj

bad makeup 7

Photo Source: celebitchy.com

Contouring wasn’t so popular back then but professional makeup artists must know that contouring requires A LOT of blending. Nicki Minaj’s makeup artist gave her a major oops moment at the Billboard Music Awards, stepping out to the red carpet with unblended nose contour. How embarrassing.

#4. Kelly Osbourne

bad makeup 8

Photo Source: beautyeditor.ca

Even with her statement lipstick, Kelly Osbourne’s too-dark foundation was all everyone seemed to talk about at The Art of Elysium’s 5th Annual Heaven Gala.

#3. Jennifer Aniston

bad makeup 11

Photo Source: dailycandidnews.com

Jennifer used makeup to cover up the remnants of a cupping treatment. Unfortunately, the foundation only made the circles look more visible. Wrong move.

#2. Sharon Stone

bad makeup 12

Photo Source: dailymail.co.uk

Two words – raccoon eyes.

#1. Avril Lavigne

bad makeup 14

Photo Source: tidbitsbytj.blogspot.com



Avril think she can pull off the girly-girl rock star in 2007 but to be honest, she looked like she was trying too hard, especially with this look – thick red fake lashes, glittery black eyeliner and pale face and lips.