20 Celebrities Who Worked Ordinary Jobs Prior to Stardom


Before our favorite stars became big-named celebrities, many of them were regular people holding down normal wage jobs. Jobs ranging from waiting tables to drug dealing, funeral directing and party-entertaining.

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Life isn’t always bright lights and the glitz and glamor. Check out 20 A-list stars who had a normal job before stardom.

#20. Brad Pitt

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Brad Pitt, before fame, studied journalism but dropped to become an actor. While auditioning for various roles, he managed to earn money by delivering refrigerators, became a limo driver and became a chicken mascot for el Pollo Loco.

#19. Rachel McAdams

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Before starring on numerous chick flicks that we all loved, she worked at McDonald’s for three years. It was reported that Rachel wasn’t a very good employee, she even broke the orange juice machine.

#18. Angelina Jolie

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While Angelina Jolie’s life has always been a part of acting career (her father is Jon Voight, an actor), at 14 years old, the half of Brangelina left the stage to become a funeral director.

#17. Johnny Depp

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The talented Johnny Dep, worked as a telemarketer back in the day, selling ballpoint pens.

#16. Eva Mendes

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The sexy bombshell used to sell hotdogs on stick in a shopping mall.

#15. Madonna

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Prior to Madonna’s appearance on American Bandstand, the pop icon worked as a showgirl in France and worked at a Dunkin’ Donuts in NY Times Square.

#14. Gerard Butler

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Gerard graduated from law school and took a job at a law firm, but it became too much for him so he quitted his law career to become a casting assistant, which later helped in landing him a role in Coriolanus.

#13. Channing Tatum

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Channing didn’t earn how to sexy dance for Magic Mike – he was once a stripper, at the age of 19, for eight months.

#12. Halle Berry

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Academy Award-winning actress Halle Berry entered a number of beauty pageants. In 1986, she won a runner-up title for Miss USA and placed sixth on the Miss World pageant.

#11. Hugh Jackman

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He worked as a PE teacher and a party clown who charged $50 per show.

#10. James Franco

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Before James’ Academy Award nominations, he used to flip burgers at McDonald’s.

#9. Amy Adams

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The actress used worked at Hooters prior to her big Hollywood break, appearing in several movies like Moonlight Serenade, Cruel Intentions 2, Enchanted, American Hustle and many more.

#8. Tom Cruise

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Tom, despite being a Scientologist, used to attend a Franciscan seminary and had plans of becoming a priest.

#7. Jay Z

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Jay wasn’t shy admitting that he was a crack dealer and that it helped him become a business genius.

#6. Mariah Carey

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At the age of 18, Maria signed her first contract with Columbia Records. Before that, she studied cosmetology and had a couple of jobs in salons. Mariah also worked as a waitress and a coat check person.

#5. Kanye West

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Kanye is taking the world by storm but before his millions of dollars and extremely big ego, he folded clothes as a sales assistant at GAP.

#4. Victoria Beckham

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Before the Spice Girls, Victoria was on the show called “Body Matters” where she played a sperm on roller skates. It was a BBC sex education show.

#3. Ashton Kutcher

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Ashton studied biomedical engineering degree at the University of Iowa. He later dropped out of college to pursue modelling and on the side, he worked as a sweeper at a factory to help him with his expenses. He also sold his blood for extra cash.

#2. Rod Stewart

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Rod, prior to his fame, admitted to working in a cemetery as a gravedigger.

#1. Lucy Liu

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Before she became a Charlie’s Angel and our favorite action actress, Lucy was an aerobics instructor.