21 Clever Car Cleaning Tips and Tricks [Slideshow]


If you are like most of us you spend an awful lot of time in your car. In fact there are days when many of us practically live in our vehicles, eating breakfast lunch and dinner at the wheel because that’s all our busy schedule will allow for.

This often means that the average well used car can be a messy, dirty place that vaguely (or not so vaguely) smells not so nice as well. And outside? Well, you’ve been meaning to give it a wash but..

Before you resign yourself to having to spend more than you can really afford to have your car washed and detailed on the regular in a bid to maintain a nicer car both inside and out check out these 21 clever car cleaning tips and tricks that can save you money and still score you a beautifully clean car:

1. Shine Up Your Leather with Olive Oil


(image credit: Peaceful Century)



You love your leather interior, it’s one of the reasons you chose your car. But it has definitely lost it’s showroom shine and there are one or two cracks starting to appear. Believe it or not the fix is in your kitchen cabinet; olive oil. Rub in VERY SMALL amounts with a microfiber cloth and polish in circular motions. Doing this about once every two or three months is enough, otherwise you can end up with a sticky build up.