18 Makeup Tips All Older Women Should Know [Slideshow]


We’re all looking for ways to make our daily makeup routine easier and more efficient. After all, who wants to spend time struggling with your eyeliner when you could be getting an extra five minutes of sleep? There are so many makeup tricks out there, especially with the popularity of Pinterest and YouTube. Here are 18 of the best makeup tricks and hacks that actually work:

1. White Eyeshadow Base


photo: www.livegorgeous.tv



Feel like your colored eye shadow never really pops? Try using a white cream liner or shadow as a base instead of a flesh-colored one. One of the most popular is Nyx’s Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in the color Milk, but there are plenty of them on the market. Just apply the pencil all over the lid area, place your eyeshadow of choice on top, then blend out the edges with a brush or your finger.