The 10 Most Outrageously Expensive Celebrity Homes


Everyone dreams of having their dream house, but only few people actually own a dream house. Backyard pools, tennis courts, and palm trees all comes with a dream mansion. Many of us only can only dream of living in such houses, but it is far from reality of us normal folk.


However, wealthy celebrities can afford anything their imagination can think of. The list of  huge and luxurious mansion homes are owned by top A-Class celebrities. These houses are essentially perfect in every aspect you can think of. Here we will cover the top 10 celebrities and their dream mansions, their own heaven on earth. Lets begin the countdown starting with #10.

10. Ozzy Osbourne



A 1970’s rock star Ozzy Osbourne has done excellent for him, though he was not so famous but yet people know him because he has the money to get the best. He had many mansions but this one was the best and luxurious of all. The black Sabbath leading singer owns the hidden valley, California home. It is 10,600 square feet in size and costs around $10 million dollars. It is one of the best celebrity homes which are only being desired by many as it is luxurious as well as out of the reach of many. The infrastructure of 6 bedrooms as well as 10 wash rooms makes it huge and big that a normal family will not think to buy for.

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