The 10 Most Outrageously Expensive Celebrity Homes


Everyone dreams of having their dream house, but only few people actually own a dream house. Backyard pools, tennis courts, and palm trees all comes with a dream mansion. Many of us only can only dream of living in such houses, but it is far from reality of us normal folk.


However, wealthy celebrities can afford anything their imagination can think of. The list of  huge and luxurious mansion homes are owned by top A-Class celebrities. These houses are essentially perfect in every aspect you can think of. Here we will cover the top 10 celebrities and their dream mansions, their own heaven on earth. Lets begin the countdown starting with #10.

10. Ozzy Osbourne



A 1970’s rock star Ozzy Osbourne has done excellent for him, though he was not so famous but yet people know him because he has the money to get the best. He had many mansions but this one was the best and luxurious of all. The black Sabbath leading singer owns the hidden valley, California home. It is 10,600 square feet in size and costs around $10 million dollars. It is one of the best celebrity homes which are only being desired by many as it is luxurious as well as out of the reach of many. The infrastructure of 6 bedrooms as well as 10 wash rooms makes it huge and big that a normal family will not think to buy for.

9. Will Smith



A fresh prince of Bel Air resides in this Calabasas home, which is the most expensive residence in the market today. It costs $20 million dollar which makes it so expensive that many of us will ever spend the whole life time to collect. It is being known as the Calabasas castle because of the vastness. It itself is been surrounded by swimming pools, golf course, zip code as well as an excellent high soothing interiors.

Will Smith’s with his soul mate, Jada Pinkett Smith introduced this home which ranges for an area of 25,000 square foot, which is also known as Smith compound.

8. Arnold Schwarzenegger



After so much hard work one deserves to live in their dream house, so do a renowned actor and politician owes. Arnold Schwarzenegger was an actor as well as politician who purchased a home located in Brentwood County, California. It costs $23.5 million dollars. This place is also known as equestrian compound.

It has an area of 14,500 square foot and has a big exterior space complementing with the interior space. This place is being possessed by a grand tennis court, animal corrals, swimming pool and a duck pound.

7. Christie Brinkley



An actress, a model and then switched to show business, one is talking about Christie Brinkley. She has a possession over many homes but this one is the best of all. It is situated in Long Island, New York and has a costing of $30 million dollars.

The interiors of this home consists of 11 bed rooms, 9 wash rooms and an observatory deck of 50 feet above the ground. Though she was known for marrying Billy Joel, yet she earned this luxury from her own hard work as she was a leading super model for years.

6. Jerry Seinfeld



With his most popular TV sitcom and hard work Jerry Seinfeld, a comedian has earned well to purchase his own dream mansion. He managed to buy a home worth $32 million dollars.

His home is in Hamptons; a place famous for tourists and visitors. Having a great desire and love for sports, his home has been a centre of attraction among many celebrity homes because it has a full sized baseball diamond on it.

5. Billy Joel



An outstanding singer and expensive house lover, Billy Joel is a celebrity who introduced various music albums. He like his ex- wife, Christie Brinkley loves to have expensive houses. This home is located La Gorce Island and costs $35 million dollars.

It is over an area of 300.000 square feet and is facilitated by swimming pool, outdoor kitchen, a patio as well as a boat slip.

4. Hugh Hefner



This man with an icon of playboy has the most luxurious home every celebrity wants and a heaven on earth. He hosts the grand and craziest parties here. A place visited by maximum celebrities.

It costs $54 million dollar and has luxurious resources like pools, gaming zones, wine basement, tennis courts and waterfalls.

3. Oprah Winfrey



The diva and one of the richest people on earth; Oprah Winfrey deserves to owe her dream mansion. She is the queen of day time show.

Her home is in Montecito, California, which costs $85 million dollars. Her home includes 10 fireplaces, 14 washrooms, 6 bedrooms and a pond for colourful fishes.

2. Bill Gates



The richest men in the world, a computer mastermind; Bill Gates owes a home worth $150 million dollars. His home counts on the top of all celebrities and is the biggest of all. It doesn’t sound shocking as he is the one to afford such a residence.

It is enormous as it has been made in an area of 66,000 square foot. It is in Medina, Washington. It has many rooms, inbuilt library and many IT sections which gleams and compliments the house.

#1. Aaron Spelling

Photo Mark J. Terrill/AP



$150 million dollar house located in Los Angelas County. Aaron Spelling was a legendary movie producer with hits such as Beverly Hills 90210 and Charlies Angels. He has since passed away in 2006 and left the $150 mansion to his wife candy spelling and their children.