15 Uses for Coconut Oil That Will Change Your Life [Slideshow]

Do you have a jar of coconut oil somewhere in your kitchen cabinets? If not by the time you finish reading this we can guarantee you’ll be heading off to the store to buy one (or two) Why? Because it’s simply such darn useful stuff. Not just for the health and beauty benefits you may have heard about before but in many other, very varied ways, some of which you probably never thought of. Here are 15 of our personal favorites:

1. Use Coconut Oil as a Shave Gel

(image credit Make Use Of )

(image credit Make Use Of )

How many times have you lathered your legs up nicely with that frothy store bought shave gel (the kind in the can) only to have all the gel slide off the second the water hits your skin? Coconut oil does not present such a problem; oil and water don’t mix, so it won’t slide off. However it will provide the moisture you need for a razor to slide smoothly over your skin for a no nick shave. And there’s an added benefit; beautifully smooth AND moisturized legs when you are done, all with no extra effort. And an extra tip; it works great for guys too.